Effective as of 11/20/2018

1 - Introduction/Overview

2 - Information we collect about you

3 - How we use your information

4 - How we share your information

5 - How we use cookies and technology

6 - Accessing and updating your information

7 - Transfer to other countries/territories

8 - Links

9 - Children

10 - Changes to the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains how Ayititunes, a music service andmobile app owned and operated by Ayititunes Inc., collects, uses, and managesyour personal data. By using the Platform (defined below) and/or by registeringfor a user account, you consent to our Privacy Policy, so it’s important youread it carefully. If you do not agree to any term, provision, or concept inthis Privacy Policy, you should not use the Ayititunes website, mobile website,mobile apps services or platform. Please contact withany privacy-related questions.

Note: this Privacy Policy only applies to the Ayitituneswebsite, app, and any additional music delivery mechanism or platform hereafterdeveloped and/or utilized in any way, shape or form by Ayititunes Inc.(collectively hereby referred to as the “Platform”), When using the Platformyou may encounter links or ads for other services, platforms, apps, and/orwebsites that are not a part of the Services. Ayititunes assumes noresponsibility for the privacy policies or activities of such third parties,and users should be sure to check the privacy policy of any third party site orplatform they use.

1 - Introduction/Overview

Our Privacy Policy will provide you with a detailed explanationof how we collect and use your data on the Platform. Before we delve into thedetails, however, we’d like to provide you with a brief overview of ourphilosophy as it pertains to user privacy and to highlight some key basicideas.

By using the Platform, you consent to thecollection of certain types of data (outlined below). You should fullyunderstand what we do (and don’t do) with your personal information and data.

We’d also like to offer a brief overview ofwhat you’re consenting to by using the Platform. All of these points will beexplained in more detail below.

By using the Platform, you consent to;

Our use of cookies and other relatedtechnologies;

The transfer of your information to a 3rdparty outside of the country you reside in;

The collection, processing, use, and sharingof your information;

The public availability of certain kinds ofpersonal information you elect to share by registering for an account, and yourcontrols for sharing such information.

2 - Information we collect about you

Visiting and using the Platform does not require you to provideany personal information, however, by electing to register for a user accountyou will provide us with certain information as you complete the registrationprocess:

Opt-In/Registration Data:

To register for an Ayititunes account, you must provide us witha valid email address. If you use Social Login (e.g. Facebook) to sign up, wewill receive the email address you have registered with Facebook. You may elect to provide us with certain other personalinformation - personal/artist biography, hometown, and links to your profileson other social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc).

We also collect and display the date of yourinitial user registration on your user profile as a month and year - e.g.August ‘14.

You will also provide certain personal data ifyou use our Contact Us tools, on-site forms, or send us an email regardingsupport, your account, or other topics.

You may alsoprovide other personal information through your use of the site and posting ofaudio material, in the track description, comments, or title fields.

Data we collect on usage, analytics, and cookies:

By using the Platform, you consent to our useof different technologies and methods that collect information about how youuse, access, and interact with the Platform, which may include any of thefollowing;

Technical data such as your IP Address,geolocation, cookie data, URLs visited, mobile device ID and information,device attributes, operating system, network connection, browser type,language, and mobile app version.

Details of any searches you make using the Ayititunessearch tools, including the date and time searches were made.

Metrics concerning the duration, time, andfrequency of your visits to and interactions with the Platform. Details of yoursubscription (if applicable), as well as information about your interactionswith the Platform, specifically including but not limited to: plays, favorites,re-ups, playlist use, and interaction with other Ayititunes members and/orartists.

Device sensor data including lat/long,geolocation, altitude, and measurements from your mobile device's gyroscope,GPS receivers, accelerometers, and other sensors.

Details of your interaction with anythird-party apps, widgets, modals, and/or advertisements which are linked to ormade available on the Platform.

Information about the website you visitedimmediately prior to your interaction with the Platform. Details of any content(music, song information, descriptions) you upload to the Platform.

Details concerning your interaction with anyPlatform methods of communication specifically including but not limited toemails and push/in-app notifications, such as whether you opened and/or clickedon such messages.

We may also obtain information about you fromany 3rd party providers/partners and/or advertisers on the Platform whichmeasure ad interaction.

3 - How we use your information

We may use your information for any of the following purposes;

To operate your Ayititunes account, and to identifyyou when you use the Platform. Your email address and password are used forthis identification;

To identify you and your actions (uploads,favorites, re-up’s, comments, etc) on the Platform; To provide technicalfunctionality to the Platform; for research and development of new products,services, or functionality; and analyze your use of the Platform;

To provide you with technical support orassistance;

To communicate with you for marketing,support, and/or promotional purposes through email, text message, push, orin-app notifications;

To detect fraud or attempted manipulation ofour charts, trending sections, or proprietary algorithms. Ayititunes expresslyreserves the right to remove any and all content from the Platform that Ayititunesin its sole discretion reasonably believes is violating any copyright lawsand/or is being used in any way, shape or form to manipulate any measurementsystem on the Platform (specifically including but not limited to any charts,trending sections, proprietary algorithms, play counts, favorites, re-up’s,download counts;

To provide you with advertising, features,information, links, messaging, or other content based on your geolocation andtime of use;

To determine the location, orientation, andacceleration of a mobile device;

To ensure compliance with our Terms of Service(TOS), this Privacy Policy, or with any applicable state, local, federal, orinternational Copyright Law;

Information about your subscription tier(Gold, Platinum) if applicable;

To show you relevant ads on behalf ofadvertisers and/or sponsors, which may include location and sensor data, alongwith demographic data you make available to us or through connected third partyservices, recent search history, and behavior with content, ads, or other userson the Platform;

To provide you with a customized experience onthe Platform.

4 - How we share your information

Information about you or your activity on the Platform may beshared in two ways: the first is information you share via your public profileon the Platform is publicly visible to other users of the Platform and thus isshared and the second is data and information Ayititunes collects on you (asdescribed in section two above) that Ayititunes may in their sole discretionshare with reputable third parties in hopes of enhancing the Platform, itsanalytics and services.

Information you share via your use of thePlatform:

Any information you provide in your publicprofile (username, name, location, social media feeds) and/or use of thePlatform (plays, favorites, following, re-ups, playlists) is public and may beseen by other users on the Platform or by Ayititunes administrators.

Information we share:

Ayititunes uses several reputable third party partners andservices, based in the U.S., to enhance the functionality, reliability,utility, and profitability of the Platform and to provide certain specializedservices for our administrators and users. Some examples of services Ayititunesroutinely works with are Localytics, Crashlytics, and other mobile analyticsand data solutions. In order to work with said services, Ayititunes will sharecertain user information, but will only do so whennecessary. Although Ayititunes is not responsible for thePrivacy Policy or Data Security of said third party services, we emphasize datasecurity and integrity as a top priority when selecting services to work with.

Ayititunes uses aggregate and de-indentifieduser data to perform platform-scale analysis, optimizations, and advertisementtargeting and retargeting. This data may be shared with third parties, but onlyonce any personally identifiable information (email address, name) has beenremoved or hashed.

Ayititunes will disclose your personalinformation in any case where it is necessary to do so to comply with acriminal complaint, subpoena, court order, or legitimate law enforcementinquiry.

Ayititunes may disclose your personalinformation if we feel it is necessary to do so to protect our intellectualproperty, rights, business interests, or the safety or reliability of ourplatform, users, employees, or stakeholders.

Ayititunes may transfer your information toany person or party that acquires all or a substantial portion of our companyor assets, or in the case of a merger, acquisition, or if the company becomesinsolvent.

We use third-party advertising companies toserve ads and collect information when you visit our website. These companieswill NOT have access to or use any personally identifiable information(including your name, address, email address or telephone number) but will useother non-personal information about your visits to this and other websites inorder to provide advertisements on this website, other sites, and other formsof media about goods and services of interest to you. If you would like moreinformation about this practice and to know your choices about not having thisinformation used by these companies, click here: or

5 - How we use cookies and technology

Ayititunes uses cookies and related technology to enhance thePlatform, provide you with a consistent experience, record login andregistration information, and to serve you more relevant

advertisements. Some ads served by thirdparties may use limited information about you and your interaction with thePlatform to enhance the targeting or retargeting of advertisements andmarketing campaigns. You may refuse to accept cookies from the Ayititunesand/or the Platform by declining the In-App/Desktop Notification policy thatappeared to you the first time you viewed Ayititunes’s App and/or DesktopPlatform(s). At any time, in the event you would like to change your acceptanceor refusal of cookies, please log out of your user account and log back in in,at which point the In-App Desktop Notification Policy will re-appear. Please beaware that you may not use the Platform without accepting cookies.

A cookie is a small file placed on yourcomputer or mobile device when you visit a website which helps our site and our3rd party advertising and data partners recognize your device the next time youvisit the site. Cookies are essential for many simple functions such asrecognizing a repeat visitor as logged in, and providing access to youraccount, favorites, playlists, and profile. Ayititunes utilizes two commontypes of cookies - session based cookies (which expire once you close your webbrowser) and persistent cookies (which stay active until deleted or deactivateafter a set period of time). Other technologies include pixel tags (transparentimages which help us determine if a page or email has been viewed by a user),web beacons (also known as web bugs, which serve a similar function to pixeltags), and web storage. Additionally, mobile users may be tracked using DeviceID and/or hashed data to identify repeat mobile usage. These combinedtechnologies are used both by Ayititunes and our 3rd party partners to ensureessential Platform functionality; target, serve, measure, and track advertisingdelivery, targeting, optimization, and performance; measure Platform analyticsand usage; and to measure user and audience behavior, trends, demographics, andlocation.

Ayititunes does not currently respond to oracknowledge Do Not Track (DNT) requests.

6 - Accessing and updating your information

You may update your personal information at any time by visitingyour Dashboard page in your user profile. Please bear in mind that profile

Your data will be deleted if you delete youraccount, however, please bear in mind that it may still show up on internetsearch engines for some time after deletion due to caching.

Please note, logging out of or deleting themobile app from your device does not delete your user account.

FOR European Users: Pursuant to Article 17 of the General Data ProtectionRegulation (“GDPR”), in the event you withdraw your consent for Ayititunesto collect data from you, you shall have the right to obtain from Ayititunesthe erasure of personal data concerning yourself without undue delay and Ayititunesshall have the obligation to erase your personal data without undue delay.

In the event you elect to withdraw yourconsent for Ayititunes to collect data from you, please email fromthe email address associated with your account requesting that Ayititunes eraseany and all personal data concerning yourself. Once received, Ayititunes shallprocess your request in the order it was received and shall erase your datawithout undue delay.

7 - Transfer to other countries/territories

Ayititunes Inc. is based in the United States and follows allapplicable U.S. laws concerning data storage and privacy. Although our thirdparty providers and services are based in the United States, there may in somecircumstances be cases where data is transmitted to servers outside of the part of the normal operation of the Platform. Please be aware that not allcountries have the same data storage and privacy laws as the United States, andby using the Ayititunes Platform you consent to the storage, transfer,collection, and transmission of your data to other territories as necessary.

8 - Links

The Platform contains links to third-party content,advertisements, and sites that are not owned by nor affiliated with AyititunesInc.. We cannot be held accountable for the content or privacy policy of third-party sites. Be sure to read their privacy policies to determine if you arecomfortable with how they handle your information.

9 - Children

The Platform is not intended for use by those under the age of13. We never knowingly or purposefully collect information from anyone underthe age of 13, or under the legal age limit in their respective territory (“AgeLimit”), under any circumstances. If you are under the Age Limit, you shouldnot use the Platform and are expressly prohibited from registering for a useraccount, or transmitting any data or personal information on the Platform. Ifyou are the parent/guardian of a child under the Age Limit and believe we havecollected such information, please contact us immediately at andit will be promptly removed.

10 - Changes to our Privacy Policy

We may, at our sole discretion, change the terms of this PrivacyPolicy at any time and for any reason. In the event that we do change thisPrivacy Policy, we will post notification of updates both within the Policyitself and via notifications throughout the Platform and specifically on the Ayitituneswebsite and mobile app. Please be sure to read all updates to the PrivacyPolicy thoroughly before continuing to use the Ayititunes platform. Yourcontinued use of the Platform constitutes acceptance of any new or changedterms in this Privacy Policy.

Please contact with any questionsor concerns about the Privacy Policy.


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